"Through private yoga lessons, Eowyn designed a sequence that was just right for me. The sequence targets my areas of need and calms my body and mind. I feel connected to this sequence, as it feels personal, and I look forward to this practice throughout my week."

I appreciate your offering of your teaching, it was truly a gift to me and those who I will share it with. The practices will bring fresh perspectives to my mothering and my work clinically at the high school where I serve students who struggle emotionally. I particularly connected with freeing from patterned behaviors, moving beyond the comfort zone to the space where exploration and growth may be found. I wish for you to continue offering these workshops, for the benefit of many. -Jennifer Metzger

Éowyn's massage therapy is profoundly informed by her yoga and meditation training and practice. She treats the whole being, body and soul, with a yogic understanding of how the body rebels when we are bruised physically, emotionally or spiritually. Éowyn's massages are deeply personal and healing. -Connie Pike

I appreciated learning from you. More than anything, I appreciated your patience in working with someone new to yoga. Thank you! -E.D

Éowyn is a master of massage therapy and is very sensitive to a client's needs. She is a great listener and always checks in with you about how you and your body are feeling before each message therapy session. She is a genuine healer. It is a always a relaxed and learning experience for me both physically and emotionally. -Mark Keonig

You have a very special ability to make the class feel so safe and healing and I feel very grateful to this as an option in my life at this moment. I find your teaching style to be grounding and gentle and because of this I feel as though you share your wisdom, which is a gift. -J.S.

Fabulous! Phenomenal! Eowyn's special gift at massage therapy allows her to find the very smallest tension-filled knot in your body and release it....A massage therapy session with Eowyn is a wonderful experience and makes a perfect gift--to a friend, to a spouse, or to one's self. Everyone should have the opportunity to experience and appreciate the massage therapy mastery of Eowyn Ahlstrom. -Mark Ellis

Thank you for working with me for six weeks to develop an at-home yoga practice. Your compassion, insight and ability to deeply listen to me during those sessions truly made me feel like I had a champion in my corner. The personalized plan you created for me, your instruction and your guidance have become the foundation for a lifetime of yoga practice. Your encouragement to challenge old beliefs through yoga positions has had a monumental effect on my life that will bear so many fruits for me. -Julie Goldberg

Thanks so much for the wonderful yoga sessions. I am a clinician specializing in body image disturbance and eating disorders and can see how much freedom from the painful relationship people hold with their bodies your approach provides. You are a truly gifted teacher--and I truly appreciated your "gifting" all of us with your work! -K.F.

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Comments from Students and Clients