Class Descriptions​


Mindful Yoga

Wednesdays 5:30-6:45 pm and Sundays 10:30a-12pm 

This class helps students develop a clear understanding of how to work with awareness in movement. By practicing full presence and good alignment in each movement pattern and each yoga pose, we develop greater confidence and ease. Each week we focus on a particular theme, e.g. linking breath with motion or grounding the base of the pose to create length. Exertion is moderate - you can expect to feel challenged in some positions, more comfortable in others. The class, which strongly emphasizes yoga as a tool for cultivating kindhearted awareness, is suitable for most people, but not recommended for true beginners or those with significant physical limitation.

Mindfulness Meditation

Wednesdays Online 8-9pm ET and Sundays 9:30-10:15 


Meditation classes include guided sitting, standing and wallking meditation practices offered in the style taught at the Center for Mindfulness. Additionally, there are guided practices of mindful speaking and listening, time for talks on the ancient teachings that inform the practice, as well as the growing contemporary understandings that are confirming its usefulness in a new way. The emphasis of these classes is on learning to cultivate mindfulness, kindness toward ourselves and others, and steadiness of mind.


Introduction to Mindful Yoga

As Scheduled

Welcome new students to Yoga! Also, welcome to anyone who wishes to focus on yoga basics today. This class is designed for beginners and can be very helpful for continuing students as an ongoing support for developing and deepening understanding of yoga. Each week we will:

  • Discover how to skillfully relate to yoga as healing and awakening method.

  • Learn and re-learn basic yoga movements and postures.

  • Practice breathing naturally and rhythmically to support our yoga and our lives.

  • Cultivate and deepen our understanding of physical and mental alignment in the postures.

  • Develop our yogic understanding (basic yoga philosophy).

  • Consider easy ways to integrate yoga into our lives for deeper well-being and meaning.