by | Apr 24, 2014 | Blog

I understand that today is national poem-in-your-pocket day. So this feels timely, though it will have to go in your virtual pocket.

I’ve recently started writing Lunes. Yup, Lunes, no matter how much the auto keyboard wants it to be lines (although, it’s those too)…

The Lune is an American adaptation from Haiku, created by poet Robert Kelly, who found the syllabic count of Haiku awkward in English… So he changed the count from 17 syllables to 13. You can read more on this, from someone who knows more about it, here. Anyway, here’s the first one I wrote. It’s titled, aptly, I thought:


You may let one touch

Your heart, like

Seeing the moon rise.

And here is another one that came along soon after, practice related:


Fire in the whole! Spine,

bright light shines,

Invisible though.

Stay tuned for more lunes later. 🙂