For a hands-on healing approach, schedule an appointment to receive skillful, deep, gentle massage therapy, informed by yogic principles...


Massage therapy means many things to many people.


In fact, a recently published scholarly article identifies more than 80 different styles of massage, many of which have been developed in the past 30 years!


To give you sense of what you will receive in an appointment with Éowyn, let's simply define massage as the hands-on treatment of soft body tissues (muscle, connective tissue (fascia), tendons, ligaments and skin) to enhance health and wellbeing. Work directly with your body through caring, skillful touch,  clothed or with a draping sheet, according your needs and comfort, deep rest can be experienced.


Yogic principles, such as deepening and lengthening the breath, and cultivtiating relaxed, clear attention to the present moment, are often helfpfully integrated into the massge session. These are offered to foster a sense of wholeness and wellness. For those who wish, gentle passive yoga movements and stretches can also be integrated with massage. 


Our work will address all kinds of tension, releasing the body into more full awareness and aliveness, and will be especially helpful for those times when you need to be met directly. Regular sessions can reduce and alleviate pain and chronic illness of various kinds. 


More than simply enjoyable, massage therapy informed by yogic understanding can help shift long-held patterns, leading to an increased overall sense of well-being. 



Or, receive guidance and support for your personally adapted, therapeutic yoga practice in a private yoga session... 

Personalized yoga is a healing process where the care-seeker, with the help and guidance of the yoga teacher, creates a personalized and evolving yoga practice that addresses the dis-ease in a holistic, multi-faceted way. The process aims to alleviate his/her suffering in a progressive and non-invasive way.  Depending on a persons needs, personalized yoga can be preventative, curative, or can serve as a means to manage a chronic sickness or facilitate healing in the person at all levels.


In our yoga sessions, we will work together to adapt a yoga practice for your particular needs.


Methods will include a combination of yoga practices that might blend yoga movement and postures, breathing practices, chanting, suggestions for diet, and meditation.


We will discuss your particular situation to determine what combination of practices will be most helpful for you.


You will also be encouraged to thread the benefits of wholesome touch and movement into your daily life through self-care massage and enjoyable exercise. And, you will be invited to recognize yogasana as a profound form of inward self-massage therapy.


Often, a series of four to eight visits is most supportive to bring about the learning and create the tools for transformation you are looking for.

Massage Therapy and Personalized Yoga Sessions