Individual Services

for times when personalized, tailored
learning experiences and individual attention
feel most relevant to your development

What We Offer

Whether you wish to begin with an emphasis on body, heart or mind, private sessions can helpful you deepen your practice. Individual work provides a place to inquire deeply into your situation and use the Middle Path Healing Arts approach to establish new grooves.

Consultation for organizations are also available and tailored programs to support coworkers in bringing the support of contemplative practice into the busy work place often help create greater harmony and effectiveness.

No one will be turned away for lack of funds. If you are sincerely interested in learning, but need financial assistance, please complete our contact form. We will reach out to you about possibilities for financial assistance. Standard sessions are one hour each.

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Personalized Meditation

Receive guidance and support for mindfulness meditation and daily life practice to support accessing greater calm and clarity.

You Choose

1 session | 3 sessions | 6 Sessions | 12 sessions

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Personalized Mindful Yoga

Learn to practice yoga-based mindful movement independently, with a sequence tailored for your physical and energetic needs.

You Choose

1 session | 3 sessions | 6 Sessions | 12 sessions

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Massage Therapy

Mindful massage therapy offered with awareness of your needs, by a skilled yoga teacher. These sessions can also include learning self-care massage that you can do at home!

You Choose

1 session | 3 sessions | 6 Sessions | 12 sessions

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Consult for Organizations

Supporting and guiding organizations to infuse work culture with mindfulness and self-care. Fill out our contact form and sign up for a free initial visit to discuss creating a tailored program for your organization today.