Circle of Support

Would you like to be part of my circle of support? By offering a donation in any amount, you help me facilitate, support and teach contemplative practices. That in turn supports my students in discovering their authentic way of being human as nobly, fully, and beautifully as possible. My heart calls me to live in and from generosity, and part of that is to establish a modest and sustainable flow of resources to support the work of Middle Path Healing Arts. Many people say it isn't really possible to make a living this way, but so far, so good, as they say... And I'm following in the footsteps of pioneers in relating to what might be called social entrepeneurship, including Charles Eisenstein, Miki Kashtan, and Adrian Hoppel.

For it is in giving that we receive. ― Francis of Assisi

Though, funnily enough, I have never thought of myself as very social, nor did I feel interested in being an entrepeneur. The roots of this practice of generosity go back much further, to the sages of old, and are deeply informed by the yogic practices of non-harming (ahimsa), contentment (santosha), and aparigraha (non-greed) and the Buddhist practices of generosity (dana) and ethics (sila). Please feel welcome to make a donation in any amount if you wish. Once you get to PayPal, you will see an option there to make your donation monthly if you wish. Thank you!