Mindscapes: Practice Poems

By Éowyn Ahlstrom

Often, contemplation and creativity arise together. This volume of poems expresses the myriad noticings of a dedicated mindfulness and yoga practitioner. Many of the poems were written during or shortly after periods of silent retreat, and so offer insights gleaned from in-depth meditation practice. Others arose in the process of cultivating presence of mind in daily life, so reflect the particulars of the cultural milieu of the author and her process of weaving non-judgmental wakefulness fully into every day.

Mindscapes book of poems by Eowyn Ahlstrom

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Mindscapes Practice Poems is a welcome companion to me in my practice, a companion who knows life’s complexities and views them with wisdom and benevolence. Each poem captures a life moment that invites my presence. When I am in that moment, I experience insight, gratitude, and a remarkable stillness. Rereading any one of the poems as a focus for daily practice is very rewarding. The rereading represents a new experience with that poem in that particular moment. This relatively short collection encourages these rereadings. The poems themselves remain timeless.

Susan McMurray Anderson

Ms. Ahlstrom conveys the simplicity, immeasurable, sacredness of the dharma, of life, with grace and wisdom. She somehow communicates the ineffable with poetry. Practice Poems opens my heart, and I am sure I will have it on hand for years to come.


A really enjoyable, short book of poetry from someone who’s clearly spent time meditating on the cushion and holding a pen. “Waking up,” on page 15, in particular, moved me deeply. Here are some lines: “Humbled by this vast and powerful display, cracked open to the first universal truth, the heart simply kneels and begins to chant and pray.” Highly recommend for anyone who would like a taste of a sincere practitioner’s devotion and insight!


Eowyn’s poetry shows how deeply she has practiced and continues to practice. I feel really honored to read her words and hope you will benefit from you deep wisdom, as well.

Evan B. Goodchild