practice and study the middle path healing arts approach

Move from feeling dull to being well-grounded, from feeling irritated to vibrant aliveness, from ‘just dealing with it’ to enjoying your life. The Middle Path Healing Arts approach to well-being and peace of mind can be entered through the aspect of your life that matters the most to you right now.

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Travel the Middle Path Healing Arts Approach


Do It Yourself

If, at this stage, you wish to explore the Middle Path Healing Arts approach on your own, the Do-It-Yourself option is for you. Engage with Éowyn’s offerings at your own pace at home, with new uploads offered every month.

  • guided meditations – sitting, standing and lying down
  • guided reflections – with themes like compassion, self-care, gratitude and joy
  • gentle, mindful yoga practices – suitable for beginners and those with experience alike
  • talks about practice to inspire and educate
  • handouts
  • worksheets
  • self-reflection tools
Price: $14 / a month

Practice Together

If you wish to receive all the materials included in the Do-It-Yourself membership, plus:

  • a monthly themed practice inquiry prompt
  • the option for a live-online, once-monthly practitioners’ group meeting
  • live-online guidance from Éowyn in that monthly meeting
  • the opportunity to share experiences and ask questions during the monthly live-session

then, the Practice-Together membership is for you.

Price: $39 / a month