Introduction to Breathing for Awareness & Wellness

Live-online with Éowyn

Saturday, December 10th

In this free introductory program we will explore the basics of breathing both well and mindfully.

The session will start with an introduction to ancient yogic theory of breathing, together with the updates on and insights around that theory that are currently emerging from modern science.

Then, a guided practice will be offered, followed by discussion of the same. This a great program for both beginners and those with years of experience! Some noteworthy, evidence-informed benefits of breathing mindfully include:

  • Decreasing stress chemicals (e.g. cortisol)
  • Reducing bodily tension;
  • Enhancing circulation and digestion;
  • Increasing body awareness and balance;
  • Improving focus and clarity;
  • Activating the lymph system, which purges toxins and reduces anxiety;
  • Facilitating enjoyment of the present moment.

Live-online with Éowyn. A meeting link will be sent to all signups.