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mindfulness teacher trainings.

What We Provide

Retreats provide dedicated, in-depth times of mindfulness, lovingkindness and compassion practice. See below to find a program that’s right for you.

No one will be turned away for lack of funds. If you need financial assistance to attend, please complete our contact form and we will reach out to you.

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About Retreats

Our 2024 schedule of classes and retreats will be ready very soon. In the meantime, let use know what kind of programs and supports for your practice are most current and relevant by sending us a note.


Note: We provide both live-online and in-person offerings and are moving toward hybrids as well.



More About Retreats

Meditation retreats provide a way to deeply cultivate, explore, and strengthen sustained mindfulness, kindness an compassion practices. There is simply nothing like a retreat to help connect with yourself and learn from your inner life.

Our retreats are open to and supportive of anyone wanting to deepen their understanding of mindfulness. Held in silence and relative simplicity, retreats support the growth of deeper wisdom and compassion. In addition, retreats are profoundly important for those training to teach mindfulness as well for established teachers since ultimately, a teacher must be able to teach based on their wisdom, which comes from their own direct experience.


Retreat Sample Schedule

6:30 AM – Greet the Day Sitting 
7:00 AM –
Mindful Meal and/or Informal Mindfulness Practice 
8:00 AM –
Guided Practice and Meditation Instructions 
9:00 AM –
9:45 AM –
Lightly Guided Sitting 
10:30 AM –
11:15 AM –
12:00 PM –
Mindful Meal and/or Informal Mindfulness Practice 
2:00 PM –
Lovingkindness Sitting 
2:45 PM –
Walking or Group Meeting 
3:30 PM –
4:15 PM –
Guided Mindful Movement 
5:00 PM –
5:30 PM –
Mindful Meal and/or Informal Mindfulness Practice 
7:00 PM –
Talk, Reflections on and Guidance around Practice 
7:45 PM –
Brief Walking or other Self-Guided Mindful Movement 
8:00 PM –
9:00 PM –

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What to expect from a retreat

  • Cultivating the ability to be with discomfort (physically, mentally and emotionally) and meet it with less reactivity, greater wisdom, and growing balance.
  • Seeing and understanding more clearly the causes and effects of actions as well as their impacts on oneself and others.
  • Identifying the subtle mental habitual patterns of reactions and mediating a wiser and kinder relationship with them.
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What you can expect when attending a retreat

During a retreat, you will find yourself in an environment conducive for mindfulness practice. The spaces provided are comfortable and neutrally pleasing to the senses. The meals offered are nourishing to the body and mind. Our retreats are silent, as there is great richness in observing the present moment and learning within quietness. You may discover deep insight into yourself and life experiences that can be otherwise overlooked by day-to-day busyness. And, there will be scheduled group discussions to share and wonder together about practice.

We recommend stepping back from technology devices for the length of your stay as we welcome you into a silence that provides such a sacred space for mindfulness to emerge and be fully present. You may wish to connect with your loved ones prior to the retreat to let them know you will be unavailable during your stay, and then turn on autoresponders. For those who find it helpful, we can store your devices securely during the retreat if you wish.


What to Bring with You

  • Clothing that is flexible, breathable, and comfortable. Consider wearing layers to adjust to your  comfort levels
  • Hygiene accessories
  • A favorite pillow or blanket
  • Props for meditation – Although we offer supportive props to sit with, if you have  accommodated yourself with specific items to ease your sitting experience, please do bring  them.
  • A fan

What to Bring with You

Thursday Chilled Cucumber Soup with Almonds Summer Ratatouille 

Friday Classic Tomato Gazpacho Signature Vegetarian Grain Bowl Composed salad platter over quinoa  with lentil salad, avocado, sauteed greens, pickled local beets, grilled  summer  squash, house pickle kraut, edible flowers, etc. With creamy turmeric tahini dressing on the side 

Saturday Vegan Corn Chowder With local sweet corn and potatoes Zucchini and Tomato Rice Gratin  With local summer squash and local tomatoes 

Sunday Lentil Soup with smoked paprika, local veggies, tarragon and garlic  Thai Vegetable and Smoky Eggplant Salad With lime leaves and soy sauce over thin rice noodles