Sun Salutations with a Chair

by | Jul 1, 2014 | Blog

Recorded at the Listening Wellness Center in our lovely second floor multi-purpose space, this video offers a simple demonstration of the Sun Salutation with the adaptive support of a chair.

Intended to help you discoever a holistic movement and breath practice in a relatively easy form, the recording is short and sweet. Once you have learned the basic movements, you can begin to explore the Sun Salute as a meditative process of feeling your body, breath and mood as an inter-connected unfolding. You can use the practice to brighten and sooth your energy field, enhancing your overall sense of wellness. Check it out and see if it is helpful for you!

I use this and similar versions of the Sun Salutations in the classes I teach for seniors and many are surprised to find how accessible and enjoyable it is. (Of course, folks should always use common sense caution when practicing movement – if you have an injury or ailment, consult an expert, like your doctor, before using this or any movement video. )